Passing the Test

Citizenship: Passing the Test (student text)

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There simply is no other material available on the market written and designed so perfectly for those at the literacy through low beginning levels. Students become easily engaged in the generous illustrations and uncluttered large print format of the pages as concepts are articulated simply and carefully.


  • Overview of U.S. history, geography and government
  • Authentic and complete test practice for the newly revised citizenship test
  • Holidays, national symbols, voting
  • Key terms, spelling practice, review exercises, writing
  • Practice terms, review lessons, answer key
  • Integrated audio component for follow-along aural reinforcement and essential practice with sentence dictation


  • Updated to match the most recent USCIS requirements
  • Vocabulary guide, spelling alert, and pronunciation alerts on each page
  • Songs to reinforce content (in teacher guide)

Exercises in student book include:

  • Matching (sight word recognition)
  • What Does It Mean? (vocabulary definitions)
  • Yes or No? (reading comprehension and recall of facts)
  • Spelling patterns, folded into sentence completions
  • Say the Answer (questions for practice with oral responses)
  • Writing Cards (dictation practice)
  • Try the Test


  • Audio CD
    • Follow-along aural reinforcement of the text pages
    • Practice for the dictation portion of the test
    • Helps develop crucial listening skills
  • Teacher’s guide (one teachers guide covers all three books: Civics and Literacy, Literacy Skills Workbook, and Ready for the Interview)
    • Guidelines and suggestions for effective presentation of and practice with material in the student book
    • Ideas for adapting lessons to different level students
    • Ways to extend lessons
    • Tips for emphasizing listening and speaking skills

Teacher Recommendations:
"All of my students passed the citizenship test with the help of this book."
Suzanne Sealig, Citizenship Coordinator, Boston, MA

"Citizenship:Passing the Test is the best book I’ve seen for low-beginning students."
LeAnn Wolf, Citizenship Coordinator,
St. Paul, MN

Comments from on-line by Amazon Book Reviewers:
“This is an excellent book that gives people who have little or no background in American history and government, and [limited] English skills a good chance at learning and understanding…the basics.”

“It had been always a problem for me to find the "right" texts for my beginning level students until this book came along. The contextual connection this book makes between illustrations and key concepts/terms of U.S. history and government has broken new ground for civic education in the ESL setting, particularly for beginners.”

“This book does an excellent job of boiling the information behind the 100 questions down to the basics.”