indications that new test will soon be scrapped

Here's the news that we've all been hoping to hear!

According to an internal draft document obtained by BuzzFeed News "...[DHS] plans to revert back to the 2008 version of the naturalization test's civics portion, which was also confirmed by two officials at the agency."

While there's no official announcement yet from DHS, and no indication of when the testing policy will officially change, the bottom line for me is that it looks like it's safe for citizenship teachers to go back to using curriculum for the 2008 test. WHEW!

I'm wondering if the reason for the delay is that someone needs to figure out what to do about the applicants whose N-400 applications were received after December 1st and who were officially told by immigration that they would be given the 2020 version of the test. Will they get a choice about it now? Will the examiners still have to be trained to admiinister the 2020 test for this group of applicants? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

You can find the BuzzFeed article here:

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