Opportunity to comment at USCIS

my idea on language access and the N-400

USCIS is seeking individual stakeholder feedback on language services and resources.  I have submitted a suggestion that USCIS offer translations of the questions on the N-400 application. (See the text of my "idea" submission below.)

I invite you to visit the USCIS Idea Community, reigster, and vote up my idea, (or submit one of your own) by October 3, 2017.

Provide translation of the N-400 application for citizenship


The questions on the application for citizenship involve difficult vocabulary for limited English speakers. Words like militia, totalitarian, persecuted, and drunkard are likely to be unfamiliar to many immigrants. It is critical that applicants for citizenship answer the questions truthfully, but difficult for them to do so when they don't entirely understand what they are being asked. Although the form must be submitted in English, there is every reason for USCIS to assist applicants by providing a translated list of questions (especially in part 12) as a guide--not only for filling out the form, but for preparing for the interview where these questions will be asked orally. It would benefit USCIS to get accurate answers to questions, and promote naturalization by making the application/interview process less formidable to immigrants.