Citizenship in the News

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Here are some interesting recent news articles related to citizenship:



The USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Immigration (CSII) has just come out with a report called "Rock the (Naturalized) Vote: The Size and Location of the Recently Naturalized Voting Age Citizen Population." The report comes with two interactive maps—one at the state level, and one at the sub-state level showing the proportion of the voting age citizen population who are newly naturalized since 2000. The maps suggest how important the newly naturalized may be to the vote.


The Today Show will present a new series on naturalization starting Nov. 12: 

America represents a beacon of hope to hundreds of thousands of immigrants. For many, becoming U.S. citizens can take a lifetime. But it's a process they undertake, motivated by the promise of freedom and the opportunity to fulfill their American dreams.

TODAY will highlight the journeys of four candidates for American citizenship starting Nov. 12 in the new series, Coming to America TODAY. The process will culminate on Friday, Nov. 16, with the first ever live broadcast of a U.S. naturalization ceremony on morning TV.

The four candidates will be joined by 26 others on Rockefeller Plaza for the swearing-in, and Matt, Savannah, Al and Natalie will be the first to congratulate the new citizens. A special guest will then salute the crowd with a performance of "The Star Spangled Banner."