My Advice to Citizenship Teachers

I've been hearing from teachers that they don't know how/whether to teach both the 2008 test (for students who already have applications in process) and the 2020 test (for students who will apply after Dec. 1). I want to offer some advice here.

No one can say for certain, but there is a high level of confidence within the legal immigrant rights groups that the incoming Biden administration will pull the 2020 test to make revisions on it. If that happens, we'll be teaching the 2008 questions for quite a bit longer, I'm guessing. And if a new revised version does come out at a later point, we will press the administration to give programs time to retool their curriculum.

I will not be working on a new edition of Passing the Test until there is more clarity on this issue, and I advise the readers of this blog to continue using the current edition for the time being. Don't panic! My guess is that none of our students will face the 2020 test in its current form.