Summary of fee changes

Today's announcement from USCIS concerning "adjustments" to the fees for filing a citizenship application is long and complicated. I've tried to boil it down here:

Cost of applying for citizenship (biometrics fee included):

current fee/new fee/change

Filed online $725 $710 -$15 (decrease of 2%)

Filed on paper $725 $760 $35 (increase of 5%)

Reduced fee* $405 $380 -$25 (decrease of 6%)

*(for those with household income below 400 % of poverty guidelines; cannot be filed online)

As I mentioned in my previous post, the new fees will go into effect April 1st. And there's good news for people requesting a reduced fee: instead of needing income below 200% of poverty guidelines, now applications will qualify if they have income below 400%).

Let me note here: I am not an immigration attorney. I have condensed the new information to the best of my understanding. If you need detailed information on naturalization fees, contact a qualified immigration expert.