Submitting an expired N-400

The N-400 edition currently available on the USCIS website ( has an expiration date of September 30th, which is already passed.You have to search around on the various drop down menus to find an acknowledgment of this issue. By scrolling down on the page and cllicking on "edition date" you will find this notice:

"We will publish a new edition of this form soon. In the meantime, you may continue using the 09/17/19 edition despite the expiration date."

I doubt that many of our students will be able to find the notice on their own (it took me a while to find it myself), but they're wise to ask you if it's safe to send in an expired form. If they are uneasy about this, now you know how to show that it is indeed OK to send it--in fact, they have no choice. (But keep an eye out for when a new edition becomes available. I will send out another update when I see it.)